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As a child growing up in Guyana, South America Juneann Lewis was exposed to  business and entertainment, so it has always been in her blood. She loved ballet and modern dance. She also wrote short stories and entered many competitions and won. Juneann moved to the USA at the age 15, a wide eye teenager with hopes and dreams of becoming an actress and a writer, she recalled.  A business woman at heart, a trait she got from my father who was an entrepreneur.  She started selling Avon to her friends at the age of 16. That was her first taste of being a business owner and she has never looked back. Juneann started and ran several successful businesses over the years, including staffing for the 1996 Olympic to doing business in the Middle East, as well as Co -founded a wellness center with her youngest Daughter. Juneann’s visions for Living Wealthy Always began as a Group, she started on FaceBook in 2009 that grew into a website. The Motto for the Living Wealthy Always  is:" Living Wealthy Always is a mindset". “Living Wealthy Always” The YouTube Show which first aired in February 2013. Juneann  became a widow after 31 years of marriage in 2016.  She has been blessed with 3  wonderful children. This multitasking woman is also a real estate agent in Georgia and Florida. She can find you your perfect home or help you to sell your property. As a business woman, Juneann always has her eyes open for the next best business opportunity. She has learned never to put all her eyes in one basket.  Ms. Lewis is involved with several charitable organizations in the USA and Guyana South America. Her love and passion for people keep her going.  Her goal is to change and inspire the world.

The Power of affirmation. I suggest everyone that wants to see positive change in their lives make a vision board or a vision video.

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